Applied Learning Chinese - Practical Chinese (for non-Chinese speaking students)

The course is designed for non-Chinese speaking students. Through further study, career development and daily life as learning scenarios to enhance the Chinese usage ability.

Programme Contents

This programme aims to build students’ foundation on use of Chinese via provision of simulated contexts of further study, career development and daily life which could enhance learning motivation towards the language and improve Chinese proficiency by guided and structural contents in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.


Programme Features

  • Attach importance to both theories and application
  • Students will learn the actual conversation of daily life and working environment through role-playing, for example, as Flight Attendant at the Mock-up Cabin, or as customers and waiters at the Food and Beverage Training Centre
  • Grasp the main information when reading informative text such as announcements and news
  • Use vocabulary and sentences to express complete and clear information when writing practical articles
  • Teaching materials are intended to cover the following training in expression and response capabilities, such as introduction, reply, explanation, greeting, help, recording, reporting, inquiry, discussion, invitation, request, appreciation, expectation, suggestion, consultation, accounting, comparison, permission, representation, complaint, publicity, complaint, clarification, lobbying, correction, rebuttal, etc.
  • According to the Bloom education goal classification, step by step, teaching model and student-oriented, so that students with different abilities can gradually reach the learning goal
  • Take care of learning differences and determine individual education plans according to students' different abilities


Supporting Organization

HKCT cooperates with our powerful employer’s network, and arrange different types of job hunting activities, working placements, visits, lectures and etc. for all students of Applied Learning Chinese - Practical Chinese (for non-Chinese speaking students), in order to widen students’ horizon, enhance their self-confidence and improve their employment competitiveness. The employers include:

  • Pret A Manger (Hong Kong) Ltd - Working Placement
  • Home Market - Working Placement
  • Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd (HAS) - Visit / Working Placement
  • Support the Employment of People with Disabilities (SEPD) - Field trips
  • Eaton Hotel Hong Kong - Field trips


Advisory Organization


  • New Home Association
  • Hong Kong Nepalese Federation

HKCT contacts and invites the local organizations concerning non-Chinese ethnic actively for advice on this ApL couse, in order to make the teaching content more suitable for the needs of non-Chinese speaking students in learning, further study and employment.


Programme Structure

Practical Chinese I (QF Level 1)

  • Catering
    Theme Park

Practical Chinese II (QF Level 2)

  • Hospitality
  • Airline Services

Practical Chinese III (QF Level 3)

  • Public Administration
  • Social Services
  • Event Management
Graduation Path

Articulation Path

Hospitality, catering, airline services, cruise service, tourism, event management, conference and exhibition, recreation management, marketing, education, disciplined service and other related courses.


Career Prospects

Junior positions: hotel receptionist, recreation clubhouse officer, restaurant waiter, airport customer service officer, event assistant, marketing assistant, activity assistant, customer service officer, retailer, disciplined service officer

Senior positions: restaurant manager, hotel manager, customer service manager, clubhouse manager, project manager, marketing manager, director of event center, disciplined services senior officer

Programme Details
Mode of Study

Full Time

Teaching Mode

Face to face

Commencement of Study

September 2020


270 hours


HKCT Cheung Sha Wan Training Centre (2/F, Heya Star 368 Castle Peak Road Cheung Sha Wan Kowloon)

Lessons will mainly be held at students' own schools. Details will be confirmed between HKCT and their schools.


Saturday 09:00-13:00 / 14:00-18:00
(Lessons will also be scheduled during summer day and will be arranged as full day lesson.)

Lessons will mainly be held at students' own schools. Details will be confirmed between HKCT and their schools.


Certification Programme

Attained with Distinction*
*Equals to HKDSE Level 3


Practical Chinese I QF Level 1
Practical Chinese II QF Level 2
Practical Chinese III QF Level 3

QF Level

The qualification of this programme is recognised under the Qualifications Framework in Hong Kong.
QF level: 3
QR Registration No.: 18/000525/L3, 18/000526/L3, 18/000527/L3, 18/000528/L3
QF level: 2
QR Registration No.: 18/000521/L2, 18/000522/L2 , 18/000523/L2, 18/000524/L2
QF level: 1
QR Registration No.: 18/000517/L1, 18/000518/L1, 18/000519/L1, 18/000520/L1
Registration Validity Period: 06/07/2018 to 31/12/2022

Mode 1

Class Code: AA20


Mode 2

Class Code: CZ19 CZ20 CW&CV