Recruitment Process

We offer recruitment services to employers, refer them suitable candidates and provide other recommendations and follow-ups. Procedures are as follows :

Free recruitment

General employment
We are committed to providing free recruitment, a popular service through which an accumulated 20,000-plus employers have successfully hired suitable people. Our students have been highly commended by various employers. From 2004, we extended the service to cover our youth students with a set of activities such as internship and recruitment talks.

Arranging a recruitment Talk

Step 1
Employers provide information on the vacancies and propose date of talk
Step 2
HKCT gathers qualified and interested students
Step 3
Employers’ representatives brief information about company background, corporate system, job requirements etc
Step 4
Interview and selection
Large-scale recruitment fairs
We have organized numerous large-scale recruitment fairs that provide opportunities for job seekers, at the same time help entrepreneurs solve their problems. Corporations participated enthusiastically in every fair and provided huge amount of openings.
Job vacancy registration form
Two months after an HKCT student is employed, we will provide Placement Follow-up Service. We reckon on your support for continued offering of quality student referral service.