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Sports Management and Coaching

Features of Sports programmes

  • Covers three major areas: Fitness Training, Sports Coaching, and Sports Management to equip students with professional knowledge and skills in the sports industry
  • Emphasis on the concept of sports management and nurtures sports entrepreneurship
  • Partnership with SF&OC (Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China) and establish a Hong Kong Centre for Olympic Studies
  • Chinese as a major MOI
  • Provides the levels from Diploma of Applied Education, Higher Diploma to Bachelor's Degree which cater to those looking for a specific academic level
  • A "Physical Development Excellence Scholarship" to encourage outstanding athletes to enroll, with maximum a full tuition fee waiver for the first year
  • Equipped with Fitness Room, Dance & Fitness Studio, Basketball Court, etc. Students can conduct different sports training
Articulation Pathway

1+2+2 Articulation Pathway

Students start with HKCT's "Diploma in Applied Education [Sports Coaching and Management]" and articulate to a two-year "Higher Diploma in Fitness, Coaching and Sports Management" programme. After graduation, students can directly obtain the admission offer^ of "Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Sports Management with Coaching" programme in the senior year (i.e. direct entry into the third year of the programme). Through train to complete the Diploma, Higher Diploma and Bachelor's degree. The above courses are all recognized by the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework.

^ Required to obtain specified scores, pass the admission interview, and subject to the number of places.


HKCT provides entrance scholarships to new students with remarkable academic achievements to encourage them to keep up with their satisfactory performance. Students can receive a maximum full-tuition fee waiver for the first year of study!

Partnership Organization

As Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China's (SF&OC) partner, HKCT students are provided with support in life planning, further studies and employment in sports education and development. As early as December 2021, the two sides co-organised the "Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Mainland Olympic Athlete Delegation to Hong Kong" Student Exchange Meeting to receive the delegation group of 6 national gold medalists and a coach. It was the only opportunity for local primary, secondary and tertiary students to interact with the national team elites at the time.

Also, Hong Kong Centre for Olympic Studies (the Centre) at HKCT Academic Pavilion (Library) and becomes the only higher education institution in Hong Kong listed in the Academic Olympic Studies and Research Centres in the world. The Centre provides an extensive collection of books, journals, and magazines on the Olympics and sports. Also, the Centre holds exhibitions and activities periodically, which is aimed at raising teachers’ and students' awareness of Olympism and enriching students' knowledge of the sports industry.

Teaching Facilities
Fitness Room
Dance & Fitness Studio
Hong Kong Centre for Olympic Studies